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Monday, June 20, 2011

Pledge of Allegiance (July 20, 2011)

Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program.  Tonight I'd like to start here.  I'd like you to play TV Executive.  Now the producers have played their signature producing package that's going to kick off coverage of one of the biggest sporting events of the year.  The U.S. Open golf tournament.  You, the producer are about to watch it for final approval.  See if anything jumps out at you.
[video of "The Pledge of Allegiance" with "under God, indivisible" omitted]

I'm sorry, did I lapse into a coma there?  It was very, very subtle.  You might have missed it, Mr. Executive Producer.  The words "under God" and "indivisible"... just magically disappear.

Needless to say, social media erupted.  Within a short while, one of the NBC announcers was then forced to issue an apology in his best golf-voice, here it is:
It is our intent to begin the coverage of this U.S. Open championship with a feature that captured the patriotism of our national championship being held in our nation's capital for the third time.  Regrettably, a portion of the Pledge of Allegiance that was in that feature was edited out.  It was not done to upset anyone.  [Beck: No.]  And we'd like to apologize to those of who were offended by it.

I would just like to say in my best golf-voice now that that is the weakest apology I've ever heard.  Omitting "under God from the Pledge... that really doesn't work.  Even if it wasn't done to upset anyone, we'd kind like to know why it was done.  [Golf clap]  What a shot.  I believe that was a birdie.

I actually believe them.  I don't think they were trying to offend anyone.  It just shows how out of touch they are with the average American.  That they believe [waahwaah] that under God indivisible thing? No one's gonna notice.  Really?  I mean, what were you trying to do?  Save the extra two seconds in a three and a half hour broadcast?

Here's how MSNBC's boss Phil Griffin explained his network:
MCNBC stands for something and MSNBC is really the place to go for progressives.

Oh, okay.  So you have the shared resources of NBC -- is that what NBC is all about?  I believe it is.  I mean it really shouldn't come as a surprise.  Still, a lot of people were upset.  But, believe it or not, I actually welcome the edit.  Why?  Because it allows us to ask ourselves, tonight, this question:
Are we still "one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all"?

We find out tonight.


It's like a really bad episode of the Carol Burnett show when you're like "Oh no, it's ending", and then you got over it.  The final episode of this program is June 30th.  We have nine shows remaining.  We have a lot to talk about in those nine shows.

By the way, Hello, America.

I don't know where NBC would get the idea 'it's high time we start taking 'under god, indivisble' out of the Pledge of Allegiance, y'know.  It's not like the president is admitting it or anything.  Oh, okay, alright, I did forget Mr. We're All A Nation Of Nonbelievers routinely left out the "endowed by their creator" line from the Declaration of Independence, but I'm sure they're completely unrelated.  Tonight, we're gonna focus on this idea -- that we are one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.  Actually, I'm gonna change that [chalkboard text] from a statement to a question.  Are we?

Let's go through each part of it.

Are we "one nation" anymore?  [Editor's note: Palin's bus tour title.]  I don't know.  Everyday that goes by, I think less and less so.  We are pitted against each other, but not in the-- I mean, we always disagreed with each other and there's nothing wrong with disagreeing.  But now, we enemies [growled] the Haves against the Have Nots.  He's got my stuff!

We're all socialists now, or we're "teabaggers" that drove America in the ditch.  Part of the enlightened collectivists that would like to redistribute all the wealth, or you're just for small government.  Those free from injustice, there's that half, those free from the injustice of universal healthcare mandates -- and then the rest of us who either are small business or work for small business, some companies which will be hurt, some destroyed, because we can't get the special waivers exempting us from the White House.  There's those that believe in the Constitution , and those who want to my progress past an outdated old document.  Are we one nation?

Are we "under god"?  Since 1948 the number of people who say they have no religious identity has increased 500%.  But are we still a nation of believers?  92% say yes, they believe in God.  But do we practice that anymore? I don't mean going to church, I mean actually believe it enough to do something with it.  Have we lost our way?  Have we made our God the golden calf, the idol -- the car, the mall, the banking accounts, the logo on your shirt, the status, the power in Congress, anything but the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Many so-called believers are weak-kneed, and they remain neutral in the face of politically correct pressure.  The pressure to do all kinds of things: to remove the 10 Commandments, to strike the name of God from any public place, to stop prayer in public school.  A school in California recently cancelled a fundraising program featuring memorial bricks because two women chose Bible verses for their inscriptions, and this weekend the valedictorian in Vermont only delivered half of his speech because the principal instructed him to avoid all mentions of God.  And now, our best golf voice, we edit out "under God, indivisible" from the Pledge.

America, people over at MSNBC et cetera will tell you that this doesn't matter.  You know, many people in this audience will say, what difference does it make.  It doesn't matter... that makes you a neutral party.  But in today's world there is no neutral.  There is no neutral party.  Buyer beware, there is no neutral party.  And neutral, if you believe in neutral long enough, it'll start to roll down a hill.

[Editor's note: I'm an atheist, and I find the golf-edit appalling.  I may not believe in God, but I recognize that the belief in God was essentially woven into our country's founding ideologies, and I think that is important.  If for no other reason than that in order to provide religious freedom to our citizens, there must be a recognition of religion and its importance to those who practice it.  And someday I'll finish my God is a Doorknob post which is an attempt to explain how an atheist can be true to her beliefs and also watch Beck.]

Now the next part of it is liberty.  One nation, under God, with liberty.  I question if we're a country that even understands liberty anymore.  Look what we're allowing to happen here.  Government taking over GM.  Government forcing us to purchase something for the first time.  You can't be a citizen in good standing unless you purchase a product called healthcare.  Even children are getting physically abused during intrusive pat-downs at our airports, and nobody says anything.
I'm crying because I'm just really, really upset that as an American, I have to go through that.  And I do feel violated.  I didn't think that I would when I had to opt out of the machine, but I completely feel violated.  

Could be somebody's sister.  Is anybody saying anything -- except the great state of Texas.  Which tried to stand up against it and then they were bullied and told, 'we'll shut down all of your airspace.'  By the way, Texas was responsible for creating half of nearly all the jobs created in America from June 2009 through April 2011.  [Screen: 496,00]

The country, despite what the president says, he didn't add two million jobs, we added 496,000 jobs, we've rounded it up.  Now, according to the Dallas Fed, how many were created in Texas?  237,000.  Those jobs, 237,000 created in Texas.  The rest of them?  Created in the other 49 states.

Now how is Texas rewarded for their success?  Well the EPA decides to mandate now without bothering to talk to anybody in Texas about it to comply with the Federal Clean Air Transport Rule.  This is gonna slam 'em in Texas and hurt jobs.  The move could cost the state billions, and it may even cause citizens to have less access to electrical power, but our president is okay with that, I mean under his plan, electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket.

They did this despite the fact that since the 90s, Texas has had an effective clean air act on the state level.  Texas officials wrote a letter of complaint to Cass Sunstein, quote [June 16]:
This is a significant regulatory actin, costing the state of Texas billions of dollars, and tens of thousands of lost megawatts of electric power generation.

[Editor's note: I just got an Atlas Shrugged shiver.  So, the states that are managing to thrive (like Colorado, in Atlas, despite the economy will be penalized by literally having their literal power reduced.  Wha?]

Gee.  Who, who in their wildest dreams would have seen the tire iron in the spokes of our economy being Cass Sunstein, our Regulatory and Information Czar.  By the way, letters aren't going to effect Cass.  He doesn't understand liberty the way you do, America.  Why stick the federal debacle on on Texas when they seem to be doing fine?  Shouldn't we being asking Texas their advice during these difficult times when they've added half of the jobs?  One state.  [Editors note: can't ask TX for advice, they're Right to Work.]  Are we a people that understand liberty?  I contend, no.  [Editor's note: Ask a 16 yr old kid what it feels like, deep in their hearts, the first time they drive a car alone.  That's the best description of "liberty" you'll ever get.]

We are also becoming a mobocracy.  The power goes to those that have the most money.  [Editor's note: Careful, Glenn.  Are you saying we're a plutocracy?]  The unions that go to people's houses.  Even the mobs on the street.  And the glue that holds this thing together is knowing history and knowing God.  If we abandon history and God, which we've done a pretty good job of, as evidenced by the miserable history scores coming from our students, and do I need to list the examples of Godlessness?  Without these, we are not indivisible.  We fall apart.

Are we indivisible?  Well, the best way to divide people is with fear.  It's what I'm accused of doing to people all of the time, although my predictions seem to be warranted, because they're all seeming to be turning out to be right, aren't they?

I want to show you what's happening again, using fear.  This is Shakira.  She is a singer.  She's a Goodwill Ambassador to the U.N., and she's scheduled to visit Jerusalem for the Israeli Presidential Conference.  [Editor's note: egad.]  Well, now, special interest groups are pressuring her to cancel the trip, telling her to say no to apartheid and yes to freedom for Palestine.  There's an entire website campaign devoted to her stopping this visit.

But she's not the only one being targeted now.  Over the weekend I found out a couple of things.  A group called Americans For Peace Now have created a similar page attempting to stop my trip to Israel this August.  [Editor's note: there's also a sister page, in Hebrew.  I used to the translator in Google chrome to read it.  Fascinating posts -- the comments, that is..]  Now, if you had to guess, and you said, 'now wait a minute, this has gotta be costing some money.  Who's paying for this effort?'
[Editor's note: Oh shit.]
Would you say it is [screen]
A) Ordinary Concerned Citizens or
B) George Soros

[Glenn smiles.]  I actually said A at first, because I didn't think George Soros would have the cojones -- which I think is French for hats -- to do that.
[Editors note: given that Beck has already said "teabagger" and the term is on my mind, that cracks me up.  I'm still giggling.]
But, wrong again!  George Soros.  The Tides Foundation, to be exact, has given regularly to this group.  Who would have seen this one coming?

Then I also saw on Friday another attack from the Washington Post.  [Beck gets close to the camera.]  Are we bothering you?  Left, is this show bothering you?  Wait.  'Cause you're gonna pray for the days I was only on at 5:00.  Wait.  You're gonna be down on your knees, going, "I know I don't believe in God, but please, put him on only at five."  [Editor's note: It's funny because it's true.]

Anyways, the Washington Post seems to be bothered also by my Israel trip.  This clown who wrote this is far Left guy who just trying to sell a book -- I think it sold three copies -- but anyway, to me it's honestly still amazing he still has a job --  it's the worst-- I mean, this is, we have a very

[TTHNA Editor's note, to be deleted later: Oh Dear God.  This is only 13 minutes of the show, thus far.  SO MUCH catch up needs to happen.  Oh my!  Okay, I'm calmed down now and ready to jump in.  This show struck a chord with me, so it will be cathartic, educational, and enjoyable to sink my teeth into the meat.  HEEEERE WEEEE GOOOO.]

low standard of journalistic integrity at the Washington Post apparently, but he did a limbo under that.  They are targeting in this article not me, but Joe Lieberman, because he is supporting an event in Israel.   The Washington Post [air quotes] reporter was shocked and said Lieberman was trying to destroy his career if he went through with it.  Quote:
If he shares a stage with this creature* [Beck], he will surrender the decency that had defined his public life.   
*Note: the Washington Post -- the Washington Post -- has labeled me a "creature"
Now, even more disturbing than the creature part is the blatant intimidation tactic.  It is, it's amazing.  They are trying to intimidate everybody that wants to stand for Israel.  Itdn't that weird?  And there's the out and out lie in the article that Lieberman was waffling in his support.  Quote:
When I spoke to Lieberman, he sounded less definite.  'Am I going to go?  I don't know,' he said.  'I've got a lot of other things going on.'  I hope he finds something else to do on Aug. 24.  As he approaches his senate retirement, it would spare him a shameful end to a dignified career.
Well, I called Joe Lieberman on Friday afternoon, and I apologized to him that I have done anything that would warrant him being smeared like this.  I was left with the impression that Joe Lieberman is much more committed than he was before the article.  There is a brave, brave man that has crossed-- and is willing to stand with a man he disagrees with-- because he trusts his heart, as I trust Joe Lieberman's heart on this issue, and we will stand together.

We talked about how this event can't be allowed to fail -- those are his words.  I agree.

There are even more lies [in the WaPo article] about how I'm just an anti-Semite who's trying to cover my tracks.  Can I tell you something?  If I'm I'm anti-Semite, I'm the worst anti-Semite the world has ever seen.  I mean, I spend more time defending Israel and warning on antisemitism than any other show -- and, quite honestly, more than any other show, I think, more than any other show combined against it. And we're regulars in the Palestinian death threat factory, so I think we're pretty-- we suck at being antisemitic.  Jews of the world, you're safe if I'm the monster in the closet.

But, the attacks are coming because they need to intimidate people.  You see, nudge becomes shove, and shove becomes shoot.  We're entering the shove part.  And it's because we won't sit down.  We won't say, [goes to chalkboard], 'No, we are one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Throughout history, man has always been under the thumb of someone trying to crush his spirit and control him.  It's either a corporation or a government, usually a government.  They're the worst.  But it always starts small, with a little Cass Sunstein... a pat-down search here or paperwork there.  If someone asked me the Palestinians do-- there is a plight to the Palestinians.  Yes, yes there is.  I believe there is.

But if people in the Middle East and around the world really cared about their plight, can I ask... [map on screen] I mean, I've seen Transjordan here, this is the whole land that was carved up by the U.N.  How about this whole-- what about all of that land?  What about that whole chunk there?  [Points to Syria and Jordan, mostly Jordan.]  I mean, they carved this [Israel] out of this [the region: Israel, Syria, Jordan...].  What do ya say?

Why couldn't the Palestinians just have some of that land given to Jordan?  Why not?  It didn't belong to anybody else.  Why don't they just have that?  I mean, if it was just about getting from under somebody's thumb...  See, it's not.

The people that they are saying that they are for are being used for a distraction, so you don't pay attention to the people they are gunning down in the streets of Syria.  It's happening in Syria, and elsewhere in the region.  No on will talk about that injustice, they just gun them down!  You see, it's not about "justice for all", it's about justice for some.

Generally, it's the rich.  It's the powerful.  It's the ruling class.  That's who it is.  Justice for them, not for you.  You are a device.

Do I think there's a plight for Palestinians?  Yes.  Do I stand with those in Egypt who have really, truly been oppressed and do want freedom?  Yes!  Have we been a part of their oppression as a country?  YES!

Now, do you want to solve things -- or do you just want more power for yourself?

Man has never been freer than he is now.  But it is about to slip into darkness.  We haven't really been free for quite some time -- and it's not about Obama or George Bush.  This started over 100 years ago, and man has been in darkness under somebody's thumb from the Assyrians to Genghis Khan to the Nazis to Mubarak.

The Founders believed that the natural state of man is bad when they rule or have power.  That's why they had handcuffs on them.  They knew people would be consumed with power, money, or glory.  That's why we have a Constitution that is a charter of negative liberties.  And that's why we say one nation, under God.  It's his glory, not Assad's, not Mubarak's, not Obama's.  Nobody.  His.  Liberty and justice for all.

If we don't learn that, if we don't learn that, we will be indivisible... for a very short period of time.

Many in the media don't even understand the importance of this last line [of the Pledge].  But, the good news is, we have NBC Golf Sports to help us remember and put it all back into perspective.


We are entering a period now, I believe, the first one was just to jam things through congress and make them irrelevant.  The second phase was make sure you have all of the framework in place (through Cass Sunstein's office).  And now I think it is to set things on fire.  For the bottom to rise up, so the top can come down.

The masks are beginning to come off -- something I told you would happen about two years ago, I believe.  I said, watch out, these people are dangerous, and their masks will come off. Those on the far left know that this is their opportunity.  They've waited for over a hundred years to push through their agenda, and many feel that they have been used by this administration because Obama's not doing enough for their agenda.

I don't believe any rational person actually believes that.  But, whether this is a political game or not, I don't know -- the Washington Post has no problem posting the words of hate-filled, proven liars to threaten and call people creatures, which sounds an awful lot like the tactics used by a regime of certain 1930s madman with a funny little mustache.  I've heard his rhetoric before... I digress.

Then you have Deepak Chopra, who is best known as, I think, isn't he like Oprah's hippie peace lovin' guru or somethin'?  He wrote one of the most angry, hate-filled rants against Sarah Palin that I think I've ever read.  And that is saying something.  The media seem right now to have some sort of bizaare contest among celebrities and everyone and I don't know who else about who can get the most hate-filled slam on Sarah Palin of the day.  Chopra actually compared Palin to Chairman Mao.  It's amazing.  Go to and read this article.

Mao, you may remember, is a Communist who killed millions of his own people, maybe even up to 80 million of his own people.  Now.  I could show you some people who have praised Chairman Mao.  None of them are Sarah Palin.  But they all do have one thing in common.  They've all worked for this administration.  Ya know, Anita Dunn and Ron Bloom...

And then we have the latest to, I believe, have the masks start to come off.  I actually feel bad for this man, because he's 'dropped the radical pose for the radical ends' and I believe in the end he's going to regret it, because it's not going to work, and so the mask will peel back, and he'll become more and more angry, I believe.  This guy completely lost his cool this weekend at the Netroots convention, and for a few minutes he forgot that mantra of Drop the radical pose for the radical ends -- his words, not mine -- and he sounded like the angry radical of, you know, STORM standing together to organize a revolutionary movement kind of guy.  Listen.
It not just immoral, it's un-American.  To abuse the airwaves and to abuse the ears of our children with your lies and your filth.  We are tired of it.  We are tired of it.  You're not America.  You're not America.  All of our children are better than how y'all act.  Everyone of our children are better than how y'all act.  You're not America.  Quit abusing our country.
He's talking about those who work here at Fox.  He's so angry that he doesn't even notice his own hypocrisy.  He's supposedly angry because he's tired of being called "un-American" -- and then he calls half the country un-American and filthy liars and child abusers.  I-- I don't know.  I've never called him un-American.  All I did was tell you what he believed.  In his own words.  And if that makes him upset, then maybe he should consider his own viewpoints.  That way he doesn't have to get angry at people when they point out his own words.  It was a little surprising to see the mask come off for a few minutes and then him, you know, go all Howard Dean on us.  Because Van Jones is normally really good at -- again, quoting him -- dropping the radical pose for the radical ends.

When he toned it down, he made some sort of desperate challenge to debate me.  He also produced a commercial with, and they're launching some campaign and they're obviously seeking publicity for the launch.  So the last thing I'm gonna do is waste my time on his furthering cause, plus I'm not gonna waste my time with somebody who is just not honest with their own /viewpoints, I believe.

When Van Jones has denounced his radical, Communist, revolutionary roots, when he really admits that he never really changed those views, that he only changed tactics.  When he explains his turnaround and why he was so wrong about his past views, then he might really be worth listening to at some point.  Not for me, but maybe for you.  You'll have to decide.  Back in a minute.


The final episode of this program is next Thursday.  I invite you to DVR each and every episode in the next, what is it?, nine shows.

Tonight, I want you to look around at society in our own country, and then in our own world.  It's breaking down.  The question is -- why?  And is it spontaneous?  Well, yes and no.  Part of it is happening because governments go bad.  When they lie to their own people, which governments always do, they have to be reset.  And if they're not allowed to fail in a small failure, then it becomes catastrophic in their resetting, and that's what's happening all around the world.

Let's take a look at Spain. Hundreds of thousands gathered yesterday to protest angry -- um, angry, they are angry at the politicians -- but it's everywhere.  They're angry at the politicians.  They're angry at the lack of jobs.  Marches are being planned, leaving from multiple cities this week, eventually they're all gonna end up in Madrid next month for what is being called "An Indignant Rally".  I'm not surprised by this, and you wouldn't be either if you watch this show every night.  I warned you that it was just a matter of time before the unrest spread to Spain.  Here I am:
[video, Beck, Feb 21]
Morocco is crucial because it is the gateway to Europe.  What's across from Morocco?  Oh, Spain. The next logical place to go.  The country has invested a fortune in developing green jobs which has caused it to have the highest unemployment rate in the industrialized world.
{Beck laughs.]  I don't know how these people-- I honestly don't know how these people in, on other networks, any journalist, can even watch this show with anything other than self-disgust at what they've done.  How many of them got the Spain thing right?  Or, and how about the Greece thing?  I told you two years ago.  There's ongoing violence and protest in Greece over another round of austerity measures.  Everyone said it couldn't happen, and now it is again.  The country needs another bailout.  That won't happen. We told you it would.  Another 85 billion euros to avoid bankruptcy.  It's going to go bankrupt.  It's going to fall.  The people there have no faith.  A fifty year old unemployed father said, quote:
Don't be surprised if Athens goes up in flames... and don't be sad either.

Think of this, the country is on the verge of collapse and he isn't even upset.  How did the world get to this point?  In the meantime, some U.K. leaders are calling on the country to leave the Euro Zone, while other experts are questioning if the euro will survive this.  It won't.

Don't think it can't happen here?  Well, you're in good company.  Many  that say now it won't happen here, can't happen here were the ones who said it can't happen over there.  But again, the seeds have already been sewn here in America.

Teen flash-mob robberies are now on the rise.  Police say teens are organizing online.  They pick a time and a place.  They go to a store.  They take everything they want, and then they leave before security catches them.  Here's a video of a Flash Rob in a D.C. clothing store. [video.]  And in Vegas, you see teens pushing their way into a clothing store. [half-screen video, with previous video.]

Shops on the Magnificent Mile of Chicago have been targeted multiple times.  In a recent survey, 95% of the 125 retailers polled said that they have been victims of organized crime like this [video] in the last year.

Then, this weekend White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer was booed at the Netroots conference.  Even the administrations socialist friends are turning on them.  That works to the advantage of anybody who wants to fundamentally transform the system.

So, what do we do?  Well, the governments need to be reset.  They do.  It's unsustainable.  It is.  It just doesn't work.  So do we just as people go out in the street, march, and just hope that freedom will reign after the government resets?  Or do we pause for a second and make sure that we ourselves are worthy and capable of freedom.

Freedom hasn't taken root in Iraq or Afghanistan.  We hoped that it would, I did.  But it hasn't.  Why?  Because it's not part of the culture.  Freedom.  The freedom that we experience here in America -- uniquely and American idea.  Because of these two words: under God.

Our children are being taught -- well, the flash-mob kids.  They don't see owners, the owners of these stores, as people.  What does it matter if they just take what they deserve from their evil, rich store owners?  It won't hurt them.  Yes, it will.  That's the demonization of greedy capitalists.  But who's really being hurt? -- The individual store owner?  The convenient store guy, just trying to earn a decent living, worked hard his whole life just to be able to open a shop?  They're dehumanizing people -- the people of the store, the owners...  And the Left is doing an amazing job of dehumanizing anyone who is successful or anyone who stands in their way.  But these teens think it's okay to do what they want and take what they want.  But it's not. In a civilized society, even if you're in desperate straights, you don't hurt others, you don't steal from others, you don't destroy others to pull yourselves up.

We don't have that right. Never have.  We don't have the right to hurt other people.

To be free is a choice.  But it is the hardest of all choices, because it requires responsibility.  To really be free, to be a moral and just person, sucks.  It sucks!  'Cause it's not easy to do it.  But I believe, that's where the Americans come in.

We have always done the job that the rest of the world didn't want to do.  We have always done the job that the rest of the world thought was impossible.  And I believe we'll do it again.

I'm gonna ask you -- not as a TV personality -- I'm gonna ask you as a dad, as a citizen, to do your country a favor.  I'll begin to explain that next.


Have ya ever heard of the Global Crop Diversity Trust?  It's better known as the group that operates that seed vault that most people in the world don't even know about.  It's a fascinating story.  The vault is built into a snow-covered mountain off Norway in the arctic.  And it is quite the amazing place.  It was set up to protect crop diversity.  Now, they did this in case something disastrous happens on earth.  My first thought here is that -- wait a minute -- that sounds like someone is preparing for the worst while hoping for the best.  What fear-mongerers.  The seed vault can hold up to 4.5 million seeds.  Now, i find this interesting, because the global community is busy creating hybrid seeds.  Look what's happening right in our own backyard.

While we're creating these hybrid seeds, we have lost over 14,900 varieties of apples in the U.S., and that's in the last 100 years.  One hundred years ago,, there were more than 15,000 apple varieties here in our country.  Now, eleven.  Not 11,000.  Eleven show up on the supermarket shelves.  Eleven.  From 15,000 to 11.

Now that is an actual change in the climate of a food item.  Nobody seems to care.  But raise the temperature by .7 degrees over the same hundred years, and the sky is falling -- shut down industry, destroy the combustion engine, stop capitalism!  Another weird occurrence that is happening is the bees. The bees have been dying out.  Four species of bees have been basically wiped out in the last 20 years.  Nobody knows why.  I don't have any idea. Maybe we're messing with Mother Nature, I have no idea.  Nobody knows.

So, we built this UNC vault with a seed from everything that we can find in the world.  It's kind of like a Noah's Ark of seeds.  Who spent the money.  I dunno.  What are they doing?  It's not global warming crap, because, I mean, if it's 5 degrees hotter around the world, you can't grow any of that stuff, 'cause it'll be too warm, right?

I'm not gonna ask you to collect seeds.  But I am gonna ask you to think about that seed vault for the next three minutes and think about what it is that it does. What is its purpose?  And then I'm gonna ask you to do something, when we return.


Oh, this summer.  I have homework for you.  I told you a minute ago I want you to think about that seed vault, what is the point of that seed vault?  It is to restart things in case there was a catastrophic failure of some sort.  Well, what do we have?  You know, we have in the National Archives -- well, we used to, but they won't verify that this is the way they do it anymore -- it used to be that documents at the National Archives, the Declaration of Independence, they were sitting up, like this [arms perpendicular to floor], and you'd come into the National Archives and you'd see them.  But be cause of what we used to have with the Soviet Union, we were afraid of a Ground Zero hit.  And those documents would fall down and shoot back and under the ground, and a giant vault door would close over them.  It was said that we had everything to restart our society in that vault.  Within a fraction of a second.

What do we have now, really?  'Cause I don't think that vault... I mean, it's not gonna turn into Planet of the Apes, guys.  Life goes on.  We have to plant the seeds of freedom, not buried someplace, but in our hearts and in our minds and in our children.  I know you're probably already doing that, but I think it's time to redouble the efforts.  I think things are beginning to become undone, so I want you to redouble our efforts.  Here's what I want you

Here's what i want you to do this summer.  I want you to read history.  And there's specific things I want you to do:
1. read history
2. read about someone you admire, find that person you think you can be like. "man, i cannot believe this guy.  i could never be that.  then be like him"  george washington is beck's guy
3. stop trying so hard
stop trying to convince people who are never gonna come.  surrender to them and start being more proactive in your own community, plan to think outside of the box.  ask people to join a committee with different kinds of skills.  example: if i'm the farmer, we're starving to death.  i don't know how to make clothes.  i don't know how to repair an engine.  do you?  you need to be able to repair things, be self-sufficient.  then link arms.

specific things at -- specific things to read, groups to join.  reach out to friends.

how many people are even prepared for a financial emergency?  if you can't afford to put things aside, will you can (food) this summer?  not so crazy.

i read today an economist say that if we have one more problem with farms, the whole thing could collapse.  i'm like, really.  i thought you said that 6 months ago.  and it's no longer freddy and fannie.  is it so unbelievable to think that when mobs stoked up my marxists will overtake farms when they're hungry?  i don't think it is. if you are a student of history and you read history.  look what happened in russia, 1919, 1920.  for that matter, look anywhere.  look at zimbabwe under robert mugabi.  farms destroyed, 200+ white farmers beaten.  this happened in the last decade.  someone needs to be there with skills.  we're not gonna be able to relearn all those skills.

we have to be sure that our american ideals continue.  under god.  indivisible.  with liberty and justice for all.


One nation under

That brings us to this point where we started.  Final episode is now 8 shows away.  Today, we covered this, a little bit -- solutions
food prices -- store, grow, can
energy prices -- that's tomorrow.  we have energy execs who say they're under attack by the EPA.  your energy prices will necessarily sky rocket.  what to do, what to do.
jobs -- wednesday -- college? really?  traditional job market is out

Goodnight America.

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