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why i started this blog

Recently, I have been "live blogging" Glenn Beck's show.  Mostly that means that I type while I watch.  The results are sloppy and far less than I would like.  These posts have begun to take over my blog, so I decided to devote a new blog solely to Beck.  The majority of posts will be recaps of his shows, with clips to video and pictures to accompany the text.  I also want to include links to resource materials -- his, mine, and whatever suggestions others have.

I began live-blogging to feel more connected to the show in it's finals days, and I initially planned for this to be a full-summer project.  Sadly, with the show ending at the end of June, it will be my June project... at which point I can go back to previous shows and attempt to do the same for earlier episodes.

In addition to my personal reasons, I also thought this blog might be a way for people to communicate some of Beck's ideas to other people in their life -- or even just be a gathering place to talk about the world events and share information.

We'll see how it goes.  As I said, I do have another blog; however, I am very new to the world of blogging.  This experiment will be an interesting adventure.

Feel free to check out my other blog.  There's some Beck talk, a lot of politics, and a fair amount of babble.