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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 13, 2011

Hello America.  I want to thank you for joining me tonight.  I'm counting down the final episodes of this program here on Fox News.  [Indicates chalkboard.]  I think most people are aware, but in case you're not, we have 14 shows left here on Fox.  Fourteen.  And I'm not taking that lightly. It's strange, as I enter a new phase in my life, to close this one up, and what is it that I want to say to you?  After, I think, 27 months here and a couple of years over at the other network, things are changing, and that's why I'm moving into a different phase.

I spent the weekend trying to figure out what is the most important thing I could say to you in the next 14 episodes?  What are the most important things I need to tell you before you and I don't meet here everyday?  I keep coming back to the thing that I'm asked most often.  Glenn.  We got it.  We understand the problem.  We got it.  What do we do?  We know the constitution is under attack, I think people are starting to wake up now that the Western way of life is now hanging by a thread.  This is so much bigger than Barack Obama.

We know that we are losing our freedoms bit by bit, and not just in this country.  Look at Greece.  They're losing it because they've overspent.  So what do we do, that's the question.  What do we do?  'Cause calling on Congress doesn't really cut it anymore.  Making signs doesn't seem like it's good enough.  We have to be self-reliant, really.

Self-reliant.  We have to be the Americans that the world has always counted on when there was trouble.  We have to be the ones that solve the problems and think outside of the box.  Not the ones that stand and wait for the government.  In a second I'm going to show you a couple of pictures, and they are the pictures that I hope will stick with you today.  The first one is of a house in Alabama, and this isn't the only one that is in this particular situation.

This family just received a letter from FEMA, and it said that their house was livable.  A FEMA inspector came by, looked at their house, and said, 'Sure, it has some problems, but it's still livable and safe to live in, therefore they are ineligible for any aid or shelter from FEMA.  I wanna show you now, the picture of the family in the house that FEMA says is okay.

[Shows picture of house that is gone.  Nothing but the foundation remains.]

You gotta be kidding me, right?  Well, they do have what may have been a deck at one point.  They can live on the deck.  FEMA says this house is safe to live in.  The problem is, there is no house.  And again, this isn't the only family in this situation.  Several other letters just like that one have been received in the same community.

Now, what do you do?  Well, we can whine about it, or we can start to revive the America that I don't think has been alive since the Progressive Movement began.  The one that would see a handout or a FEMA truck and would say, "Turn your damn truck around. We got it.  Thanks, but no thanks."  Now this is going to be increasingly hard to do, because we pay taxes, and our taxes are going to go up, because we have spent too much.  When you need help, you expect your tax dollars back.  It's paying for insurance, but that insurance never pays back.  If the federal government were a private company, they all would have been in jail a long time ago. But we don't put them in jail, because they're the jail-keepers.  The is why George Washington told us, 'Never give government this much power.'  But we have.

So, what do we do?  Well we have to recognize and speak the truth plainly.  It's important to know that there are people in and out of this government, all over the world and inside this country, that are working to transform us into something we have never been.  Some people believe it's for our own good.  Others are just motivated by greed.  Which brings me to the seconds picture.

This [picture] was created in the early 20th century.  It was created by the progressives over in England.  It is the famous Fabian Socialist Window.  And it's important that you understand this.  These are revolutionaries that are stoking the flames to heat the world up to then 'remold it nearer to the heart's desire.'  Now, these men are kneeling down to men's knowledge, below.  The ten members of the society that are kneeling with their hands in prayer towards a stack of books.  The books signify -- can you bring up the books? [close up on books' spines] -- uh, we have plays from George Bernard Shaw, the History of Trade Unionism, New World for Old... Fantastic.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is exactly what is happening today.  Revolutionaries are molding our world closer to their hearts' desire.  Not rogue, insignificant revolutionaries.  But some in very high positions of power.  Even in our own White House, as this program in the last 27 months has shown you.

The next 14 days we will show you what they're doing now, and how close we are to the edge.  They're doing it through the economy, they're heating the world through the devaluation of the dollar, jobs, energy, and not through Israel and extremist Islam.  Almost all of these things tie into that Fabian Socialist Window, and the trip-wires have been laid.

I want to show you what we're facing here [indicates chalkboard].  We have the debt ceiling.  We have QE2, which is money printing, and we have the new Israel ultimatum, which President Obama has just put together. Let's look at these one by one.

The debt ceiling.  We've already pushed it aside once already.  But what are the possible outcomes of the debt ceiling?  Well, A, we raise the debt ceiling, and when we do that we go broke, because we don't have anymore money.  We just continue to print and borrow more money -- if we're lucky -- that we don't have.  Or, B, we don't raise the debt ceiling.  What happens?  Well, you do that, and the economy dives into a tail spin just as well, because we cannot meet or pay for the obligations we have made.  We default.  So either way, this is a lose-lose situation.  Are there any other sources of income?  I mean, is China gonna forgive our debt?  is Timothy Geithner suddenly gonna remember that he has 20 trillion dollars under his mattress?

The next one is QE2.  This one's happening this summer.  It's ending.  That's a fancy term, in case you don't know, for printing money that we don't have and throwing at the economy in hopes of some miraculous recovery that's not going to happen.  It never works that way.  It only artificially props up the economy.  So... there will be calls for QE3.  You're beginning to see those seeds being planted right now.  So, the choices on this one are we don't print the money and we suffer and economic pain, because the false prop is removed.  But people in America are not ready for it, no one has prepared themselves, so we would have civil unrest.  Or, we could do QE3 and print more money.  Which would inflate our money, which would make things more expensive for you to buy, and would lead to civil unrest.

And then, the Israel ultimatum.  This one happens by September.  This weekend, the Obama Administration gave Israel 30 days to comply with the 1967 border rules.  According to the National Security Council, quote, "We have a month to see if we can work something out with the Israelis and Palestinians as accepting these principles as a basis for negotiations."  Well, now there's a reasonable timeline for solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a conflict that has gone on for decades and centuries.  'Guys, you've got 30 days!' Why didn't I think of that earlier??

This presidency thing is a breeze for Barack Obama.  If Israel plays along and tries to negotiate swaps and goes back to the life-threatening 1967 borders, it will lead to the destruction of Israel and the Western way of life.  However, if they don't do that, well then opponents of Israel -- remember, they don't just want voting rights, they want Israel swept into the sea -- the U.S. will have to back off n supporting Israel, as the world gathers at the U.N. and all points a finger at the evil Israel.

I have to tell you.  I have looked at this problem now for five years and brought it to you every night on the air.  I have looked for an escape hatch.  Five years ago I was talking about, there are exits here, but we're passing them all.  Please get off an exit.

This is such a well-played hand.  It is elegant in its evil.  Those who seek to heat up the globe as to remold it, and they've upped the ante again with the Israel ultimatum.  More on that in a few minutes.

So.  That's where we're heading.  But here's what you really need to know, here's what you need to be aware of tonight.  I believe a trap has been laid for you, for our freedom, and for our constitution.  The elites of the world are all preparing.  The George Soroses of the world, the World Bank, all the big governments, everyone, they're all doing it.  What do you think all of these meetings are for?  What do you think they're talking about this weekend over in Europe?  Please.  They all know it's coming.  It's unsustainable.  You, however, are the only one who is made fun of or made to look stupid for preparing for a different world with a new set of rules and economic trouble.  First, for 27 months of this show, people said that what I was telling you every night wasn't true, or wouldn't come to pass.  Well, it was true, and it has come to pass, and we have a very clear record for anyone who wants to look.

So, if it was true, what should you do?  What is it?

You should prepare for tough times.  You should prepare to help others.  And you should prepare to explain and to teach the truth.

Others are being left alone when they're made fun of.  In fact, the media isn't even pointing out a new report claims farmers in Africa are being driven off their lands, nearly 150 million acres in Africa, about the size of France, has been gobbled up since the financial crash in 2009.  Others have prepared.  Now, who would wnt to grab that much farm land?  Quote, "vast new industrial farming projects backed by European hedge funds seekings profits and foreign countries looking for cheap food."


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