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Friday, September 30, 2011

Time for New Beck Transcripts?

I've been considering reviving this blog.  Beck has a new show on GBTV, and it truly is a lifeline to the truth.  Here are the transcription problems: it's a two hour show with few commercials.  On his Fox show, it took me about three hours just to get the text down, not to mention adding links -- and that was about 42 minutes of actual show.

More importantly, it only costs $5/month to subscribe to GBTV and watch the show yourself.  Think about that -- that's, oh, $.25 for a movie-length's amount of Beck.  I believe what Beck is doing is important, and I don't want to take money out of his pocket, especially when it is a relatively small amount per person.  (Not to mention that Beck is offering a two week free trial...)

Here's what I'm thinking.  I'd like to write up a brief recap of episodes, perhaps including some direct quotes and definitely including links to further resources.  In addition, if you would love to be a GBTV subscriber but literally cannot afford the $.25/show fee, please leave your name and email in the comments, and I can try to find someone (perhaps myself) to sponsor you.  (I will post to let you know when I've received your information.  That way, if you don't want your info floating around out there, you may remove it.)

Cool?  Cool.  I will take a crack at this soon and see what pans out.  The world is on fire, and it appears to only be getting hotter, and if people can use this blog as a resource for the truth, I want to do what I can to help.  (Note: with the show's new format, I will have to retool my previous systems, so I may end up needing to take a different direction with continuing this blog.)

As always, I prefer to keep posts restricted to Beck-only.  Please do not bookmark this particular page.  Eventually it may be moved elsewhere (in this blog), to keep things as clean as possible.

Lastly, if you are in the Midwest (especially if you are in Wisconsin), I would very much like to know so we could perhaps get connected in a more direct way.

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