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Friday, September 30, 2011

Caliphate: hour one

29 September 2011.  Friday.  "It is time to know your enemy" -- talkin' caliphate.

The greatest threat to peace and security today: powerful and lobbyist groups like CAIR have successfully painted Muslims -- all Muslims -- as victim, while ignoring the real problem, radical Islam.  The problems in the Middle East are not happening only over there.  They are coming here.

Honor killings in America.  (New York, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, Florida...)  Not always talked about as honor killings, sometimes PC language mislabels these things as accidents.

photo from The Blaze
Story from Yesterday: St. Louis.  Iraqi immigrant (and Muslim) -- attacked, stabbed, and held at gun point.  And then he had the Star of David sliced into his back.  "I think that is the quintessential hate crime."  Why was this man carved?  He wrote a poem ("Cries from the Heart of the Holocaust")  on the blog Arabs for Israel.  "For simply expressing his shock and sadness for the murder of six million Jews, that is what he got carved into his back."

Iranian Pastor, Yousef Nadarkhani, converted to Christianity thirteen years ago.  Two years ago, he was sentenced to death under Sharia Law for apostasy.  The best chance Nadarkhani has to beat the case is to repent his faith.  His final trial is today, and we'll see by next week if he lives or dies.  "Remember... officially, [Iran] is ruled by Sharia Law."

Time for New Beck Transcripts?

I've been considering reviving this blog.  Beck has a new show on GBTV, and it truly is a lifeline to the truth.  Here are the transcription problems: it's a two hour show with few commercials.  On his Fox show, it took me about three hours just to get the text down, not to mention adding links -- and that was about 42 minutes of actual show.

More importantly, it only costs $5/month to subscribe to GBTV and watch the show yourself.  Think about that -- that's, oh, $.25 for a movie-length's amount of Beck.  I believe what Beck is doing is important, and I don't want to take money out of his pocket, especially when it is a relatively small amount per person.  (Not to mention that Beck is offering a two week free trial...)

Here's what I'm thinking.  I'd like to write up a brief recap of episodes, perhaps including some direct quotes and definitely including links to further resources.  In addition, if you would love to be a GBTV subscriber but literally cannot afford the $.25/show fee, please leave your name and email in the comments, and I can try to find someone (perhaps myself) to sponsor you.  (I will post to let you know when I've received your information.  That way, if you don't want your info floating around out there, you may remove it.)

Cool?  Cool.  I will take a crack at this soon and see what pans out.  The world is on fire, and it appears to only be getting hotter, and if people can use this blog as a resource for the truth, I want to do what I can to help.  (Note: with the show's new format, I will have to retool my previous systems, so I may end up needing to take a different direction with continuing this blog.)

As always, I prefer to keep posts restricted to Beck-only.  Please do not bookmark this particular page.  Eventually it may be moved elsewhere (in this blog), to keep things as clean as possible.

Lastly, if you are in the Midwest (especially if you are in Wisconsin), I would very much like to know so we could perhaps get connected in a more direct way.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Courage, Mobs, & a Movie-in-the-Park (June 28, 2011) -- TBC

Text is all here.  Need to add pics and links.
Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program.  I want to go over a few stories that came across my desk this morning, and I want you to see if you can figure out what they all have in common.

First, Greece is rioting.  [video.]  These are the police in Greece.  More violent clashes as the youths throw rocks and gas bombs at the Greek Finance Ministry over the cost cutting measures being taken by the government.  They bombed a satellite truck, they blew up kiosks, they attacked police.  The protests and strikes have brought the economy to a grinding halt.  Everything from the electric company workers to ambulance drivers to air traffic controllers to public transportation employees -- they all walked off the job.   Greece is lovely today.

We told you about this two years ago.  We told you it was coming.  Nobody believed us then.  There's much more coming.  Okay, there's story number one.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

History & Chris Stewart (June 24, 2011) -- TBC

Hello, America.  We are counting the days down.  Next Thursday is the last broadcast -- eh, this broadcast -- on this network.  And I can't thank you enough for joining me for the last couple of years for what has been an incredible journey and life-changing journey.  For me, and I hope that in some way you have been affected and now go out and affect or infect others.

buy here
Join us all next week for the final episodes here on Fox.

Now, tonight we're gonna talk a little bit about history.  This book [holds book, does not yet show cover] was written by a friend of mine.  We talked a little bit about it last week.  Trust me, if you're going to order it, you should order it at the beginning of the episode.  I understand it's already three weeks out of print.  So it's going to be...  They're printing them as fast as they can.  [picture of The 7 Tipping Points.]

Chris Stewart is a guy who I read one of his other books on my last vacation, I think it was in January, and I actually called him while I was on vacation.  I actually got yelled at by my wife [voice] "What are you doing?  You're on vacation."  I said, "I have to talk to this guy."

Friday, June 24, 2011

Rick Santorum (June 23, 2011) -- TBC

Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program.  Good news!  Come here. [Motions at the camera.]  Come here.  This is the last show Erin's doing with me.  [Hugs Erin.]  No, that's actually really sad news.

Editor's Note: This is the first twenty minutes, with links but not pics.  I'll get more up asap, and when I do I'll change the title of the post (and remove "TBC")

The IEA is releasing emergency oil.  THAT is the good news.  You having problems at the gas pump?  Don't worry, the whole world is riding to your rescue.  They're gonna get involved.  They're gonna put 60 million barrels of oil right there.  Of course, you're responsible-- the 60 million barrels, that's for the whole world.  We're responsible for half of that.  But it's going to.  You know.  Relieve the pressure.  Elsewhere.  

Look.  Here's the thing we have to understand.  Nobody's going to do a martial plan for the United States. I'm sick and tired of the redistribution of wealth.  Nobody's gonna send us one Hershey candy bar.  Not one.  We need to rebuild ourselves. We need to stand alone.

But the good news is -- oh, you've never heard this phrase: Thank Goodness the French are Here! -- It's always Thank Goodness the AMERICANS are Here.  The Americans are already here.  We just have to remember who we are.

Not a Transcript: Progress Update

I didn't plan to put non-Beck posts here ever.  My recent progress on finalizing posts is not what I had hoped, so I wanted to briefly comment on that.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Education (June 22, 2011)

Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program.  [Beck seems a bit more somber than usual.]  Tonight, we're gonna talk about the education program in this country.  We have an audience full of college-aged Americans who are chomping at the bit to have their voice heard and have their chance up to bat.

But first, we have -- it says eight, but I don't actually think it's eight, and I don't think I have an eraser here -- we have seven shows left.  Six after tonight's program.  And I have so much to cover.